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For ecommerce stores that want more orders.

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Still wonder why you have slow days, slow weeks and even slow months? If your business can handle your peak days, you’re losing money every time your sales volume goes down.

We partner with you to ensure your ecommerce sales are consistent and constantly growing.

In fact, we’ve partnered with 100+ e-commerce businesses on their journey from $200,000 to $20,000,000 with results-driven design, development, marketing & paid ads.

That's me. Let's chat.

Running an e-commerce store looks so easy.

(but it isn’t)

There’s a lot to running a successful e-commerce store. And every time you pick up the pace you run into the next hurdle.

Here’s what we see in most industries: a competitor with a small army of PPC specialists, email marketers and developers in-house. Plus a fortune to spend on Google Ads. Sound familiar?

Now here’s the good news:

You can beat that.

The hard parts of running an e-commerce store:

Sourcing product
Product/market fit
Warehouse management
Customer Support

Point Up

You’re really good at these

Channel/offer fit
Website development
Paid marketing (PPC)
Organic marketing
Social media
Conversion rate optimisation
Email marketing

Point Up

We’re really good at these

Some of our favourite growth stories

Edible Blooms, AdventureMoto, Goleman Group and other 7+ figure stores rely on Keetrax for sustained growth – can we add your business to our growing list of success stories?

“Superb! Every once in a while you come across a company you just love doing business with. Keetrax not only have the know-how they are incredibly attentive and have amazing communication. The work they have done with our email marketing paid off in the first two weeks.

J Norness Jr, Spa World, Spa Store

View the case study

Three common mistakes e-commerce store owners make:

We’ll give it to you straight. These stop you from really scaling your e-commerce store!


Working on too much at once.

When they try to do everything in your business, they end up with random acts of marketing: half-assed email automations, underperforming ads and a ghost town on social media.


Not focusing on the things that matter.

Business owners know exactly what they should be focusing on to improve their business but rarely find the time to do this.


Shiny object syndrome.

It’s hard to know if that new marketing piece is the next big thing or just another fad. They end up trying a TikTok video, uploading the first Google Shopping feed they find and installing 30 upsell / cross-sell / subscription add ons.

When you work with us:

You’ll have the business partner you always dreamed of (without giving up a slice of the pie!)

We will:

Thumbs Up
Stay out of your way. We appreciate your input. As much or as little as you’re comfortable with! But the only thing you really have to do is approve.
Thumbs Up
Run the numbers. We look at your margins to figure out what type of marketing spend still leaves you with profit. There’s no point in increasing your revenue if your profit doesn’t follow.
Thumbs Up
Strategise. We start with a strategy to identify how and where we can lift up your revenue. We keep reviewing this strategy as you keep growing.
Thumbs Up
Kick ass. Our team dives in and starts doing the magic. Our specialists stay on top of the latest tech and techniques in their areas.
Let’s kick ass. Talk to us today!

Yes, but I’ve worked with an agency before and…

We know how that sentence ends:

Finger Guns
when I was passed to a new account manager, they didn’t care for my brand, or
Finger Guns
the person doing the work didn’t have a clue of what I asked for (and was promised) during the sales process, or
Finger Guns
the agency was just working on growing their client list – not my bottom line, or
Finger Guns
I thought it was making me money until I got their invoice, or
Finger Guns
the person doing the work was clueless,
Finger Guns
and so forth…

That sucks. That’s why we align our goals with yours:

If we don’t achieve growth in your business, we will help you find someone who will. That’s a guarantee. Our business success depends on yours.

Great! But how do I know it’s working?

You’ve been in the game long enough to have heard of ROAS, MER, CAC, blended ROAS, aMER. Perhaps you’ve even looked at blended average aMER.

We use those. As tools. Not to pull the wool over your eyes. (*Ahem* unlike some other agencies *ahem*)

Here’s how you know it’s working:

Spock Hand
Open up Xero / MYOB / Quickbooks.
Spock Hand
Look at the number under the last line starting with this symbol: $.
Spock Hand
Is your net profit higher than last month? If the answer is YES, it’s working. #secretsauce

Here’s how we make sure your marketing spend doesn’t outpace your margins.

We’ve talked about what e-commerce business owners often get wrong. What we’re about to tell you is what agencies almost always get wrong. They only focus on one, or at most two, of the key ingredients to e-commerce success.

Here are the key ingredients:

You acquire customers, make them bond with your brand, get them to convert and then delight them.

Easy as abcd

The secret is that you must focus on all four of those at the same time! If you don’t, you’re wasting money and will plateau.

For example:

  • If you acquire leads that you can’t convert you’re wasting money on ads.
  • If you’re building a bond but not delighting once you’ve made the sale you’ve lost repeat business and referrals (and may even set yourself up for a bad review).
  • If you’re converting but not acquiring you are losing sales to your competitors
  • If you delight but you don’t acquire you’re losing opportunity and money.
  • And so forth…

👆 if you do it like this, you’re building a sieve, not a funnel.

So this is our whole strategy for you:

We identify the gaps and improve your acquisition, bonding, conversion and post-purchase delight.

Okay. Let's talk!

Case Study: EquipOutdoors

In May 2020 things were about as bad as they could get for anyone with something to sell (thanks Covid-19!). And during that month our client EquipOutdoors earned just 7 sales for their Google Shopping Campaign. We dug into the data and put together a new campaign for them.

7 sales became 80. 
From there, the results snowballed.

EquipOutdoors is now one of our success stories, still growing their revenue 32% year-over-year.

“Right from the beginning, we’ve never had that feeling of, ‘oh no we have to talk to the web guys again’ – instead we have a true partner in the Keetrax team – one who helps to make our ongoing growth and development possible. When we need something done, our first thought is always – Keetrax will be able to make it happen”

Geoff Rawlings, Managing Director, EquipOutdoors

View the case study

The Goal

Mailchimp email marketing

We love seeing e-commerce businesses grow. Here’s what we love even more: seeing what this growth means for the store operators.

Imagine what it would mean for you if your bottom line grew by 25%. How much is that in dollars? Would that accelerate further growth, or make your company worth so much more when you come to sell?

Imagine what it would mean for you if you didn’t have to worry about whether your conversion rate is high enough, or if the ROAS on your ad spend is giving you bang for your buck. Is that time you would spend on “what you really should be doing” in your business? Maybe it would even give you some free time (queue dramatic film music).


Maropost Neto Ecommerce

If you’ve read this far you know how to get more orders. The next step is simple.  Give us 15 minutes of your time to chat about your business, and we’ll show you how we can help you get more orders in no time.

Yes, I have 15 minutes to spare. Let’s chat.

Or consider the alternative…

Forget that you ever heard of Keetrax and keep

  • Pouring all your margins into ads you don’t know are working for you
  • Dealing with 5 different freelancers and agencies for your social media, Facebook ads, website development, email marketing and Google Ads
  • Or keep doing it all yourself and don’t focus on what you know you should be focusing on in your business.

You really have nothing to lose

Let’s jump on a call. It’s free (as in “free beer”) and can change your business forever. If we’re not a good fit, I guarantee that at least we’ll be able to share some gems of knowledge in our call.

Schedule a chat now

“But I still have questions…

Where are you and where do you operate?

We are a team of 10 permanent e-commerce experts in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Romania and Canada. Our clients are predominantly from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to talk to us. We’re friendly and knowledgeable.

Let’s Talk.

Do you outsource the work?


We handle design, development, marketing and implementation, and measure the results of everything we do… in-house. When you work with us, you work with us.

Is this for me?

If you’re an established ecommerce business doing more than $10,000 per month and are ready to grow with more customers that keep coming back to your store, Keetrax is the ecommerce growth partner you’ve been looking for.

And we’ll guarantee it: if we think our services won’t help your business grow any further we’ll let you know and point you in the right direction. No matter if you’re a new client or have been with us for 10 years.

Okay, one more testimonial because we like to show off.

Gifts Australia & The Hamper Emporium

“We are so happy we found Keetrax. They actually listen to us and understand what we need. I’ve dealt with many agencies in the past and found that most of them like to speak more than listen. The team really work with our business to understand what we need and produce innovative and quality results. You have made a customer for life with us.”

– Nikki Barnett, Director of Marketing, The Sol Group (Gifts Australia & The Hamper Emporium)

I’ve made it to the bottom of the page. I’m convinced.

Drop us a line. We’re looking forward to chatting with you!

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