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Come work with amazing companies from all around the world on a wide variety of projects. While we’re based in Nelson, New Zealand, we have staff working for us globally. So whether you’re living in Nelson or Dunedin or somewhere in between, and you think you fit the bill, apply today!

Facebook and Google Ads Specialist


We’re growing!

Keetrax is searching for a Facebook and Google Ads specialist to join our flexible, global team. Our ideal candidate will bowl us over with their in-depth knowledge, experience, and self-driven motivation. 

  • Full time & part time positions available, with flexible hours
  • Work remotely from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or the United States
  • Freelancers and contractors may apply

Sound exactly like you? Email us at j[email protected].

P.S. Though we’re currently hiring an Ads Specialist, if you’re an awesome developer or graphic designer, apply anyway and show us your best work!

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Excels at PCC campaign management across a variety of platforms
  • Understands the nuances of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads social media marketing, with preferably 2+ years experience
  • Creates high quality, original Ad content to delight customers
  • Improves conversion rates and optimization
  • Understands the lead lifecycle and customer journey
  • Participates in planning great social media campaigns
  • Continuously learns about emerging technological trends
  • Cooperates with designers and other team members
  • Has a keen eye for detail and accuracy
  • Delivers final assets consistently
  • Possesses great technical skills and the ability to quickly pick up new tools
  • Understands the client’s vision and delivers on their objectives
  • Communicates clearly, effectively, and efficiently, especially as we are a remote team
  • Meets deadlines consistently
  • Lives in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or the United States

What We Value:

    • Caring. Because we care about our clients, we work hard to make their businesses grow. This job is not for someone who just wants to clock in and clock out. We expect you to care about the impact your work will have.
    • Lifestyle. We believe that having strong personal interests will make you perform better professionally and creatively. You will have flexible hours, and sometimes life must be able to borrow from work.
    • Being Proactive. Working remotely means that we may not be able to ‘jam’ together, so being proactive and providing input on a regular basis is a key part of our team.
    • Staying Positive. We all have bad days and make mistakes. How you deal with this is important. We value finding the positive angle in everything. For example, if a client doesn’t like a particular design, we expect you to take this as an opportunity to come up with something different.
    • Openness. We care about you too, and there is nothing you can do wrong that will get worse if you bring it up and discuss it. We need to be able to trust you to always be open about how the work is going – when it goes well, as well as when you run into roadblocks.

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