MailChimp 4 Neto (Maropost)

A simple connection for a booming business.

Mailchimp For Neto is a clever integration (built by us) that helps Neto (Maropost) store owners unlock the full power of their email marketing potential.

We partnered with Ecommerce platform Neto to build Mailchimp for Neto because we could see that our clients were missing out on revenue without it.

A complete brand and website solution for a brand new business.

Our team designed the brand, designed and built the website and created marketing assets including the MC4Neto logo, stickers, T-shirts and a Freebie for website visitors to download (MC4Neto’s Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing).

Scope of Project:

  • App & Integration Design & Build
  • Website Design & Build
  • Branding, Logo & Illustration
  • Icon Design
  • E-Book Copy & Design
  • Merchandise Design

The aim was to inform and excite Neto (Maropost) Store owners about the powerful email marketing solutions available to them by activating this simple integration between their Ecommerce website and Mailchimp.

The result is a vibrant, fun and memorable brand (I mean who doesn’t love a winking koala?) and an incredibly easy to navigate online home for MC4Neto.

But the real winner is the call to action our team developed and positioned right on the home page. All a Neto (Maropost) store owner has to do to trial MC4Neto for free for 30 days is enter their URL and hit the button. Boom.

MailChimp 4 Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) E-Book Design

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