Lucky Pet Supplies

Keetrax created a paw-some email campaign to help boost Lucky Pet’s sales and engagement.

A Complete Branding Experience…

From Transactional to Marketing Emails & Facebook Advertising.

What We Did:

  • Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) Transactional Emails
  • Mailchimp Email Automation
  • Mailchimp Pop-up
  • Facebook Pixel Implementation
  • Facebook & Instagram Adverts
  • Facebook Catalogue Feed & Product Structure

Jo and Jeff from Lucky Pet Supplies struggled to get accurate results with their Mailchimp email campaigns with the lack of transactional information flowing from Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) (ecommerce platform) to Mailchimp (email marketing platform). With the successful integration of Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto), they were able to instantly see the impact that their email marketing on their revenue!

They also noticed their Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) transactional emails (Order Notifications, Shipping notifications, back In Stock Notification etc) were lacking their Lucky Pet branding and giving an inconsistent experience for their customers – and not a delightful one!

Keetrax stepped into professionalised their branding across their Mailchimp account and their Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) ecommerce store to ensure a complete and consistent brand experience from their ecommerce Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) transactional emails to their automatic Mailchimp email marketing.

Lucky Pet Automations

To complete the package, Keetrax ensures Lucky Pet Suplies are able to track their sales from Facebook with the installation of the Facebook Pixel, and the set up of their Facebook Product Catalogue.

Once the groundwork was laid down, Keetrax set up a Facebook Ads targeting their abandoned carts and core categories using a dynamic remarketing strategy.

Lucky Pet Facebook Catalogue

“We’re pretty tech-savvy over at Lucky Pet, but we’re not experts, and we’re time poor, so the support we have received by Keetrax to set up the integration, as well as working on our email campaign set up and design has been invaluable. Their breadth of knowledge is evident, and her enthusiasm is exactly what we need.

To sum up, sure, we were still able to send ecommerce emails with Mailchimp before the integration, but the information and data that we’re able to glean from it now makes it a lot more rewarding now that we can see exactly how we’re tracking. A huge thanks to the Keetrax team for all their support!”

Jo V.
Director, Lucky Pet Supplies

“Their breadth of knowledge is evident, and their enthusiasm is exactly what we need.”