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As fans and users of both Mailchimp and Klaviyo we often find ourselves being asked which is better. But that’s not really the question…

Both Klaviyo and Mailchimp provide a solid user experience when it comes to email marketing.  So the question isn’t which is better, the question you need to ask is;

“Which email marketing platform is right for your Ecommerce business – Klaviyo or Mailchimp?”

To answer this question I recommend you consider three things:

  1. Cost
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Return on Investment (ROI)

Let’s start with cost…

When to use Mailchimp, when to use Klaviyo

Comparing Costs: Klaviyo and Mailchimp

When it comes to comparing costs between Klaviyo and Mailchimp it’s important to note that any cost comparison isn’t straight-forward; because we’re not comparing apples with apples here.

Klaviyo has a flat rate plan and Mailchimp has a tiered system. This means that with Klaviyo you enjoy the same features regardless of whether you have 100,000 subscribers or 10,000.  With Mailchimp you pay more for more features and more subscribers.

You can review Klaviyo’s pricing here and Mailchimp’s pricing plans here.

Let me show you what this looks like in practical terms.

For 10,000 Subscribers:

  • Klaviyo: $150
  • Mailchimp Essential Package: $125
  • Mailchimp Standard Package $170
  • Mailchimp Premium Package $500

With Klaviyo you won’t pay $500 per month until you hit 30,000 subscribers. But if you’ve been running your business for a while, you know pricing is only one part of the equation – ease of use is another.

Comparing ease of use: Klaviyo and Mailchimp

Both Klaviyo and Mailchimp are similar in that they each have a drag and drop interface which we highly recommend for people who like to do it themselves.

No need for HTML! (Unless you really want to)

However, Mailchimp is more structured and forces users to decide from the beginning which template to use. So whilst the drag and drop interface is easy to use and practically foolproof, you can’t change from a single column campaign to a multi campaign along the way – a bummer if you like to design your emails as you go.

With Klaviyo, you don’t have to choose, instead you’re free to add columns or remove them as you design your campaign on the fly. Great for creativity! However, it does mean getting used to the ‘Block Styles’ within Klaviyo and also the need to do more editing than within Mailchimp.

If you have used Mailchimp before – don’t sweat it – Klaviyo is an easy step up. You can’t break it, so our tip is to have fun learning how to use all the cool features.

Now for the biggie – Return on Investment.

Which offers a better ROI: Klaviyo or Mailchimp?

Klaviyo is hands down the best platform when it comes to ROI.

Klaviyo was built for Ecommerce from the very beginning (unlike Mailchimp which started out as an Email Newsletter platform). Klaviyo’s mission is to help you sell more! And it’s delivering on that mission. Klaviyo boasts an average 45% lift in sales after moving to the platform!

The thing is, you get a lot of bang for your buck with Klaviyo:

  • Integrations
  • Segmentation
  • Data Science
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • SMS and more

But don’t get me wrong, you will see a great ROI with Mailchimp too. Yes, it lacks the targeted segmentation tools available to you in Klaviyo – tools that help you to run a highly successful campaign. But we have clients getting results with both platforms.

Here are some examples from our clients who are excelling in both Mailchimp and Klaviyo!

  • An Australian gift store has added $17,196.85 in revenue by adding a Welcome series.
  • A toy store in Aussie that has added $68,936.86 revenue by creating a fun, compelling Abandoned Cart Series of emails.
  • A chemical supply company in Queensland added $41,311.87 revenue to their bottom line using a Win Back Lapsed Customers Series.
  • An outdoor supply company generated $29,795.11 with a new Welcome Series and $75,855.22 by adding an Abandoned Cart series.

So which one is right for you: Klaviyo or Mailchimp?

To answer this question you have to get specific. You have to consider which is going to be the best fit for your business and your customers.

To do this we recommend answering these four questions:

  1. What are your goals when it comes to email marketing?
  2. What is your budget for email marketing?
  3. Would the advanced integration, segmentation and automation tools available within Klaviyo benefit your business?
  4. Who are your customers? Selling B2B and B2C requires different solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at these questions so you can start thinking about the answers for your business.

  1. Mailchimp is perfect for businesses that do simple email marketing campaigns with minimal automation. However if your long term strategy is to go deep with your subscribers so you can build a solid relationship, developing more complex campaigns and follow ups, Klaviyo is a better option.
  2. Are you on a tight budget? If you are, Mailchimp may be a better choice. But when determining this, weigh up what you get with each platform. What looks like a good price may only be that on paper. Again, consider your goals and what you could achieve with more features.
  3. If you sell to B2C and B2B you’ll get better results if you separate these customers into two different segments so you can target each with the right campaigns. Klaviyo makes this much easier to do.

Still not sure which email marketing platform is best for your Ecommerce business?

That’s what we’re here for.

At Keetrax we’re experienced with both Klaviyo and Mailchimp and are the developers behind the Mailchimp for Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) and Klaviyo for Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) Apps; which enable you to seamlessly integrate your Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) store with either platform.

We can help you to consider the features and benefits of each platform as well as weighing up cost, ease of use and ROI.  Contact us today to learn more about email marketing for your business.

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