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What I Did Wrong In MailChimp

By February 27, 2015April 14th, 2019No Comments
What I did Wrong In Mail Chimp

Since the start of using MailChimp I have been seeing a consistent slide downwards on the click through rate of my newsletters. The other day I was kicking around in MailChimp, admin area and decided to investigate using the MailChimp newsletter analytics why this was happening. What I discovered shocked me!

The layout of my MailChimp newsletters are fairly simple. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have my logo, a feature image, a title, snippet of the first paragraph, a read more button and several other photos down one side to show my trusted readers a bit more insight to what they are going to read about once they hit my website.

From looking at the MailChimp analytics, I could see that 90% of my reader clicked the “Read More” button after the introduction text. However, about 10% of my interested readers never got to my website. I could see they attempted to click the feature image, the post title and my logo! As you can imagine, this was a shock to me. I never even thought to have a link in my title, but it makes complete sense! Now, more I think about it the more I can not believe I never done it in the past.

What I did Wrong In Mail Chimp

How you can find out this information within MailChimp

  1. Just log into MailChimp

  2. Click on your latest newsletter

  3. Click on report > Links > Click Map

My Mail Chimp Conclusion:

Since making this change, I now have the peace of mind, that no matter where the people click, they will either get to my website or to the article in questions. My click map now reflects this.

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