Websites & eCommerce

Keetrax can help you develop online strategies, of which your website is a key aspect. We create unique websites that help you showcase your brand and sell online.

Trenvo Online Business Strategy

Online Business Strategy

Strategy is what sets Keetrax apart. Instead of blindly putting together a website, We help you identify what role your website will play in getting your business online. This means setting a content strategy and deciding if adding a blog is worth the investment, or if selling online directly is the right strategy, or if the website should be integrated with a social marketing strategy.


We have worked with WordPress since 2011 and know the ins and outs of the platform. Using WordPress ensures your back-end is secure and easy to use. We will always make sure to develop a website that will continue to work even when you get the high volume of visitors we are trying to get you, as well as after the next WordPress update!

Trenvo Wordpress development


To get you the best custom design, our professional designers will work with you to find a unique way to showcase your brand’s identity as a website. Together we will help your website stand out from your competitors by making sure your site is in keeping with current trends and best practices, giving you a head start that will last for years.

Trenvo eCommerce, Webshop & Shopping Carts

eCommerce, Webshop & Shopping Carts

Regardless of if your product can simply be mail-ordered, requires a booking system, or needs to be sold through an existing back-end, we can get you selling through your website directly. We can advise on how to get your company ready for selling to anonymous customers worldwide and set up the technical infrastructure to make it happen.

Search Engine Optimization

While building your website, by default we will keep an eye on all technical indicators of search engine optimization: your website should be performant, coded to strict standards and use a structure that search engines can easily interpret. Combined with a content strategy aimed at findability, we will try to have your website outrank all your competitors on the search engines.

Trenvo Search Engine Optimization

Analytics and Assessment

We are in the business of helping you grow online, so measuring the performance of each of your online channel is paramount. We will keep a close eye on the performance of your website after it’s launched and keep you informed on what needs attention or what is currently trending on the site.