As a travel company you need to stand out from your competitors and sell your travel experiences. I bring technical know-how and insight into the travel industry to the table so you can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Trust a company that knows the challenges and opportunities tour operators face online
I had the pleasure of working with Mike on our new website and booking system. We are now able to offer our agents and clients live availability on online bookings, saving both time and money.

Now that we take bookings on the website, Mike was able to automate other aspects of our business too. You’re welcome to contact me for more information on this – to give it away here would be giving away our competitive advantage.


I recommend Mike Martel to anybody looking for a technical-minded person that can work with you to find creative solutions to your business problems. He is an expert at what he does and can think out of the box to integrate the best systems for your company.

Jess Barker of Nomad Tours

Jess Barker

Sales, Marketing and Client Relations

at Nomad Adventure Tours

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Trust a company that knows the challenges and opportunities tour operators face online

Leverage our knowledge of the travel industry, so your next website starts boosting your sales online.


There are many advantages to choosing a specialized travel website developer that understands the challenges of starting to take online bookings, switching booking systems or just exposing your tour availability on your website for the first time.


Your website can become both a portal that your agents will love using, and that your clients will trust to book on directly.

Booking System API integrations

Booking System API integrations

Getting started with online bookings can be a challenge for tour operators. Your tour operator software that is good at your resource management, allocations and billing, will not always integrate easily or export well to a website.


Newer tour operator software that is built with the web in mind often still requires a developer to integrate seamlessly into your site.


I can integrate your existing booking system API with your website to allow online bookings, and help you make the transition to making and processing online sales and enquiries.


To see my solutions in action, check out our custom Tourplan API integration or our Rezdy embedded solution.

Generating more booking enquiries and sales

Your can turn your website into your own OTA with much higher margins .


Just enabling online bookings is not enough for your clients to start flocking to your website to book. I can help you turn your website into a booking generating machine using tried and tested online marketing and sales techniques, ranging from A/B testing to Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Content & Image Management

Content & Image Management

For many travel companies, content management stretches well beyond the website. Brochures, dossiers, pre-departure information, etc. all use the same content. Editing all your content stores for a single change can be a huge time waster and a drain on your company’s resources.


I can help you create a single and user-friendly database for all your content and images, that directly generates your website, your dossiers, FAQs, and all the rest.


Check out our Nomad Adventure Tours case study for an example.

Travel SEO: get found on your destinations, sell your tours

More often than not, you and your competitors are competing in the search engines on keywords in your itineraries on your tour pages.


By carefully structuring your data into destinations, highlights, countries, activities , etc. and linking these to your tours, we can dramatically increase your organic search traffic.


Travel website prices

Every website is unique, and before we quote on a website we will hold a consultation to find out what your unique requirements, challenges and opportunities are.


The ranges below are an indication of what a travel website will cost depending on the features and what level of customization your tour operator software needs to integrate with the website.

  • Small Companies

  • from NZ $4.500Site
  • Tour operators that need their website to sell their tours online and want to boost their findability and sales, but don’t need custom booking system integration or non-standard features on their sites.

    You will get a stunning website that is optimized for SEO and can accept enquiries and payments online.

  • Medium-sized companies

  • from NZ $15.000SITE
  • Travel companies that need to establish their custom branding online and stand out from their competitors by having a fast, well-indexed website that displays availability and allows online bookings.

    You will get a tailor-made design with all bells and whistles that an online tour operator website needs to process more bookings.

  • Big tour operators

  • NZ $44.000 and upSITE
  • Tour companies that operate in multiple countries, use different suppliers, or have a complex structure that requires a highly customized API integration, booking system and/or content management.

    You will get the best of the line website with tailor-made extra features that are designed specifically for your company’s situation.

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