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Keetrax has been helping ecommerce merchants boom for nearly a decade, and their global team of marketing professionals is here to share some of the biggest lessons learned along the way.

At Keetrax, we operate on the golden rule that allows ecommerce businesses to achieve massive returns on their marketing investments: Understanding the Customer Journey and viewing all marketing efforts through the lens of those that matter most — the customer.

The gist is this: Take a close look at each step of a shopper’s journey. Know who your leads are (customers who have yet to make a purchase), understand why only a fraction of leads turn into customers, and use that knowledge to close the gap between “lost” leads and “repeat” customers. With a little digging and savvy email marketing know-how, you can revolutionise your business while making happy, lifelong customers.

The Customer Journey involves every step and stumble a shopper takes between browsing, making a purchase, and coming back for more.

Unfortunately, you lose shoppers at each step. Sometimes they get sidelined by the phone, the crying baby, feelings of indecision, or forgetfulness. Other times, you’ll lose customers because of a complicated website, a lack of product information, or poor customer service. And who are they lost to? Your competition.

Once you recognise your leads are losing their way (and finding your competitor), you can delve into the deeper questions:

The details of the Customer Journey are often overlooked and undervalued.

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do. Customer Journey Marketing is the one type of marketing that will actually help your customers. Think about your own shopping experience. What was the last item you bought online, and how did you make the decision? Where did you search? How did you get there? What helped your decision making? What hindered it? The companies with the strongest customer base are those taking out their magnifying glass to each step and asking these exact questions.

Our Keetrax pro-marketers show clients how to pinpoint where leads are lost, where to hone in, what to fix, and how it will transform their business. This gives clients the tools to become ecommerce experts, and to grow a great business with satisfied customers.

And once our clients understand the journey, it’s time to put that knowledge to use!

Create Automated Emails with Segmentation

All of your marketing channels can (and should) be optimised for your customer’s individual place along the Customer Journey. We find that the simplest and most profitable place to start is with automated email marketing. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and best of all: it converts like crazy.

Every single time you send emails to customers, you’re marketing yourself to them. The trick is to know where you customers are when you email them. Learning how to use automation and segmentation can lead to hugely beneficial results. So when a new subscriber joins your list, make sure you’re using their information wisely. Create EDM content that is engaging and informative, appealing, attractive, and clear. Don’t underestimate the power of good timing, a great copywriter, quality images, and a solid call to action.

If you’re not already reaping the benefits of automated email marketing, get started! Here’s how:

Convert leads into customers: 
Reward your customers for signing up to your newsletter with a Welcome Code. Advertise this welcome code on your website and social media.

The discount is always worth it for the merchant. It helps you capture sales on the spot, it expands your newsletter reach, and it brings in customer email addresses so you can follow up with an Abandoned Cart email, even if they leave without making a purchase.

Turn customers into raving fans:
Now that the customer is on your list, you can gradually introduce them to your company. Don’t be shy — let them know what makes you better than your competitor.

Find new customers:
Notice we’re back at the start? Use your email list to create lookalike audiences on Facebook and get customers back to your site. Facebook uses your existing subscribers to find people that are just as likely to purchase at your store, creating a powerful feedback loop and store growth. And this is just the start — once you have the basics covered, you can expand with product follow-ups and review campaigns to make sure you get the most out of your sales funnel.

By viewing all marketing through the Customer Journey lens, you better understand where you’re missing sales opportunities. Then, you move towards closing the gaps in your business, converting those leads, and working your way to a booming business.

Want all the details? Get a free copy of our Ultimate Guide to Using Email to Win Raving Fans and Repeat Customers, or drop us a line at Keetrax!

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