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You’ve worked hard to attract your customers to your website and convert them into a first time purchaser – which is why you don’t want the story to end there, especially if the product you sell is something they’re likely to use on repeat; a flea treatment for their pet for example.

Someone purchasing a consumable product, like a flea treatment has an ongoing need for a supply of this item.  You could leave it to chance and hope that they return to your website to make subsequent purchases.  Or, you can ask us to set up a simple retargeting automation for you – one that reminds your customers ahead of time to replenish their stock of your product.

This type of automation is called Product Retargeting and it’s something that we can set up for you using Klaviyo4Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) and Mailchimp4Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto).

What is Product Retargeting?

Product Retargeting is where we use your customer’s past orders to generate a list of products that they are going to need to replenish at regular intervals.  We then set up an automated email to go out to the customer reminding them that it’s time to replenish their supply of your product.

Going back to our flea treatment example, let’s say this product needs to be replenished every 3 months.  We would set up an automatic reminder to repurchase after 8 weeks – meaning they get the new product in time for the next dose!  You’ve done the thinking for your customer and helped to stop them heading back to Google to look for suppliers of this product.

Now that’s great customer service and a clever way for you to keep your customer buying from you.

Examples of Product Retargeting Emails

To the right is an example of product retargeting from our customer, Lucky Pet.  With this email Lucky Pet has retargeted an existing customer.  Their customer has previously purchased a flea treatment for their pet.  The retargeting email is sent to the customer before they’re due to run out of the treatment as a reminder to top up to ensure their pooch remains itch free.

Here Lucky Pet is doing the thinking for their customer and making it so easy for them to purchase this product from them – the customer doesn’t have to remember to top up or find somewhere to shop.  They just click the add and order another supply of the product for their pooch.

Naughty Boy Retargeting

The email to the left from Naughty Boy is similar to the Lucky Pet example in that it’s being sent to someone who has previously purchased underwear from Naughty Boy.  This email is a fun reminder to the customer that it might be time to update their underwear.  The key here is in the timing. Whereas the flea treatment covers a set number of months, Naughty Boy could use data collected within Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) to gauge how often the average customer returns to make a subsequent purchase.  Again, the email is doing the thinking for the customer.  They don’t have to remember to buy underwear – it’s as easy as clicking a link in the email.

The key to driving more sales with your Product Retargeting Emails is to consider the intervals at which your customer will be needing to replenish their supply.  With something like a Flea Treatment it’s easy, but we can still do this with a product like underwear.  With the intervals determined a reminder email can be scheduled to go out to the customer before they’re due to replenish.  This ensures that your customer doesnt’ head back to Google to start their search for a supplier all over again – instead they simply click the link in your email to re-stock.

Contact us for our help in building a Product Retargeting Email Funnel that benefits your bottom line and makes your customer’s feel valued.

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