Search Engine Optimisation For Your Ecom Website.

SEO is about making sure Google believes your site is more relevant and interesting than your competitor’s. Doing SEO therefore always involves making sure you have the best website. Not a bad side-effect!

Optimising your website gives your website the boost it needs to be recognised as valuable content within the search ranks.

We focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by developing search result goals for your website, creating a strategy and implement it. With ongoing monitoring and periodic reviewing we can give your website a better future.

“Mike (Keetrax) is a techie with a lot of IT knowledge and experience in SEO en SEA, but he has the ability to think and talk without the “jargon” and shows complete understanding of our business and website wishes. We are finally proud to refer people to our website and the effect on our business is very positive. I would, undoubtedly, recommend Mike Martel for any of your webrelated challenges!”


Jan Holsappel – Moventium


What Is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimisation is the process of fine tuning your website’s content, images and meta descriptions with the goal of getting traffic organically from search engine results.

Because Google is smart, the only way to really convince Google that your website is relevant is by making it relevant.

That means to make sure your copy is high quality and engaging, that you make the most of the information you have by making sure that related content is linked correctly and that your website becomes authoritative in its domain!

Imagine a constant stream of customers finding your website night and day.

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO is one of the most effective and important online marketing strategies your website has to offer. SEO comes into play by making your website rank higher across all search engines. The benefits are endless, but here are just a few important ones:

  • Create clear content that is not only good for search bots but also readable for humans.
  • The knowledge of what content you are displaying and where. This creates brand unity across the web.
  • The higher you rank, the more brand awareness you create, in turn, people will associate this with trust and deem you an industry expert.
  • People clicking through from search engines are genuinely interested in what your site offers, therefore they are more likely to make a purchase or get in touch.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

When will I see my website on page one?

Even after the search engines have indexed your site, you may never get on page one – I can not and will not promise you this as it is an unrealistic goal.

There are many external factors to why your site isn’t ranking well even after search engine optimisation. Your site might be young or your subject might have a lot of high level competition.

With careful planning and good content base you may get some keywords ranking on page one.

When will Google be finished with indexing my site?

Search bots have a time frame of their own, I can not tell you when they will start let alone finish indexing your site. You can, however, adjust the times it may access your site to prevent them from slowing down your site during peak times.

What Does Blackhat Mean?

Blackhat is SEO tricks people play to try to rank number one. All search engines frown upon Black-hat tricks and when caught you will be heavily penalised or your site might be taken down until you can prove its been amended.

All our strategies focus on improving actual content and links creating a better page authority, which is all White-hat (good) techniques.

What is the difference between Long-tail keyword and normal keyword?

Trying to optimise your content to rank well for a keyword like “t-shirt” is incredibly hard due to so many larger/older websites already rank well for it. However, if you change your focus to a longer more defined keyword such as “Animal print t-shirts for my cat” you are throwing out a larger net to a wider audience.

Take The SEO Plunge…

Whether you need to review your entire website or just want to implement SEO plan to your existing website, Keetrax is the agency that can help you realize your full SEO potential. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs!

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