The first cloud-based dictation and speech recognition platform for professionals

Let your voice do the job

In 2014 speech solutions provider IT4Speech built the first cloud-based dictation and speech recognition platform for professionals: RedSpeak. In 2016 RedSpeak BV was founded as its own company with Keetrax as co-founder.

With RedSpeak, users can easily create professional letters, e-mails, reports and other documents using only their voice.

RedSpeak combines a web-based multi-user dictation portal with cloud-based professional speech recognition software. With the dictation portal, users can easily collaborate on dictations, from any device and using any platform. Thanks to our speech-2-text engine in the cloud, users can create dictations on the go – for the first time ever using any device and platform.

RedSpeak is currently being used by medical and legal professionals in the Netherlands and is available in 2 flavours: RedSpeak complete (with speech recognition) and RedSpeak dictation only.

For more information on the product and pricing, visit our international website at, or visit our Dutch language website at

Case Study

RedSpeak is built to solve 2 core problems in current dictation solutions: making professional dictation software available on all platforms (portability) and facilitating the sharing and collaborating on dictations (workflow). They roughly correspond to the 2 versions of the product: RedSpeak dictation only (workflow portal) and RedSpeak complete (with speech recognition).

1. Portability

Professional and personalized speech recognition solutions all share one big disadvantage: they are large applications that need to be installed on a powerful desktop computer running a recent version of Microsoft Windows. RedSpeak takes this restriction away entirely by running professional speech recognition software in our custom secure RedSpeak dictation cloud.

This means that no extra devices are necessary to automatically have dictations transcribed. This opens professional machine transcription to users of Apple OSX, Android, Linux, Chromebook, etc.

For the highest recognition grade, users can record their dictations using a smartphone app (for Android and iOS) or a dictaphone.

For app users, dictations will automatically be synced with the RedSpeak cloud and transcribed as they are recorded.

For dictaphone users, the uploading is a plug-and-play process, with the daemons we built for PC and Mac. These automatically upload dictations to RedSpeak when a device (a dictaphone) is attached to the computer. Alternatively, users can use our intuitive web-uploader or e-mail service.

2. Workflow

With or without speech recognition, many users of dictation solutions will work together with a secretary or typist on processing their dictations. In practice, this means that files are often sent across the work floor using file sharing services like DropBox or WeTransfer, or sometimes using SD Cards and USB sticks.

With RedSpeak, all dictations are accessible through a multi-user portal that is geared towards sharing and transcription. Every dictation can automatically or manually be shared with one or more collaborators. An extensive revision system keeps track of who made what change in each text and a simple messaging system keeps all the communications about a text within one single screen.

While transcribing or correcting a dictation, transcribers can listen to the dictation using mouse controls, keyboard short cuts or even with one of the supported foot switches. Playback rate can be adjusted easily, so transcribers can work as efficiently as possible with RedSpeak.

The portal is completely web based, so no platform restrictions apply there – it can be used on both desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone).


RedSpeak is currently available both English and Dutch, and is being rolled out in new languages every month.

If you are interested in using RedSpeak for yourself, or your company, contact us through the RedSpeak website. Also if you are interested in becoming a selling partner of RedSpeak in your country you can reach us through the RedSpeak website.

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