Black Hill Honey

A unique brand for a Nelson based honey company.

Black Hill Honey

Exceptional quality honey that speaks for itself. Raw & naturally good for you. Sourced by bees in Nelson’s pristine alpine forests.

Black Hill Honey, based in St Arnaud hired Keetrax to help them create a distinctive brand for their new venture. When designing packaging and labels for our clients, our first step is to gain an understanding of their values and goals so our designers can create a brand that becomes instantly recognisable to their customers.

Black Hill Honey is exceptionally good honey sourced by bees in Nelson’s pristine alpine forests.  Raw, naturally good for you and divinely delicious to eat this is no ordinary honey – which is why we knew we had to create a unique brand for Black Hill Honey.

Our design team created bespoke lettering to give the Black Hill Honey a brand personality as recognisable as the taste of the honey itself.  We then added a Black Hill icon to give the brand a distinctive look. Black Hill Honey are over the moon with their new brand design and we couldn’t be happier for them.  And we’re excited to see Black Hill Honey flying off the shelves and into pantries around New Zealand.

Right now, you can choose between two varieties of Black Hill Honey; Alpine and Honeydew.   Manuka will be added later this year

You can order your Black Hill Honey here.