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Keetrax now gives Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) store owners two stellar options when it comes to unleashing the power of email marketing.

There’s the Mailchimp for Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) app and now, the Klaviyo for Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) app.  Klaviyo for Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) was born out of a need for a more powerful, personalized and targeted solution to email marketing – one that was robust enough to grow with your business.

Which email marketing platform is right for your business?

To help you answer that question we asked Keetrax’s Director and Digital Marketing Consultant, Danielle Martel to give us the low-down on both platforms. We started by asking Danielle what questions a business owner should ask themselves when determining which platform they need.

Danielle Martel

Danielle says that when choosing which platform to go with, you really need to ask yourself these four questions:

  • What is your company planning to do with email marketing? What are your goals?
  • Are you on a tight budget?
  • Are you wanting to set up automation with complex segmentation?
  • Do you have two types of customer, within one list? Marketing to your B2B customer is very different to marketing to your B2C customer.

Here’s my guide to answering these questions for your business:

  • If you’re planning on doing basic promotional email marketing and the bare minimum of email automation, Mailchimp is ideal for you. However, if your plan is to grow and develop your email campaigns with more complex follow ups, Klaviyo is a better option.
  • Mailchimp’s free or ‘essentials’ plan is very affordable. But the sweeter price comes with limitations.  So when considering what works best for your budget, you should be doing so alongside answering the first question above.
  • If you’re planning on jumping in and setting up complex automations with lots of conditions (thereby segmenting your list), it’s Klaviyo all the way.
  • A lot of our customers have B2C and B2B contacts all within one list. This isn’t ideal and can cause issues for you if your team sends the wrong campaign to the wrong customers.  Klaviyo gives you the ability to dynamically populate segmented lists which you can name appropriately, ensuring the right message always goes to the customer it’s intended for.

Mailchimp has been around for some time but Klaviyo will be a new name to many people. Can you pin-point three things that Klaviyo does exceptionally well and tell us why they matter?

Browse Abandonment Email flow. We all know people use their cart as a temporary wish list! With the Browse Abandonment campaign, you’re able to follow up on potential customers even before they get to your checkout page.

Follows your potential customers around your website. Klaviyo gives you the power to send targeted campaigns based on where a website visitor has been on your website. When a customer lands on a product or category page you can send a triggered EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) series based on what they’ve viewed on your website. This is a fantastic opportunity to send targeted follow up information about your products.

It’s built for E-commerce.  Klaviyo knows your store! From Brands, Categories to SKU’s – no matter how you want to drill down into it you can. On top of that it seems to have a third eye on your customers. Collecting information such as how they found you and what they’re browsing on your webstore, right through to their Customer Life-time-value.

With such advanced capabilities available to Klaviyo users a lot of people reading this may be thinking that this sounds great but potentially expensive.  Klaviyo and Mailchimp have different pricing structures. Can you explain the difference?

This is where it gets a little tricky but I’ll try to simplify it.

  • Klaviyo has an on-pricing tier which gives you everything!
  • Mailchimp has broken their pricing plans down so you can pay for the features that make the most sense for your business.

If you have a list size of 10,000: 

  • Klaviyo: $150 USD*
  • Mailchimp: 120.72 USD* Standard Plan or $355.07 for the Premium Plan.
    In a nutshell Mailchimp’s Premium plan = Klaviyo flat-rate plan.
    *Pricing correct as of 19/02/2021

So, if you are coming from Mailchimp Standard Plan and moving across to Klaviyo then yes – it will cost more but what you get for that extra 21% in costs is huge.

Klaviyo is said to take Segmentation seriously. What is segmentation?

Segmentation are dynamically populated mini lists inside your primary list. You hone your “mini list” to suit what you’re targeting. You can have as many segmentations as you like (need). You can use segmentations in a lot of different ways.  Here’s some ideas:

If you sell to Wholesale and Retail create a segmentation for those two groups so you’re able to send automated EDM’s to that group only.

  • People who haven’t purchased.
  • Customers who have brought from XX Category,
  • People who haven’t opened your email in over 3 months,
  • Wholesale customers who haven’t made a purchase

So what makes Klaviyo’s segmentation tools so much more sophisticated than what’s available to a Mailchimp user?

Basically, if you have the data on the customer, then you can create a segment within Klaviyo!  With unlimited conditions, Klaviyo gives users the ability to really hone in on what a subscriber has or hasn’t done on your website and even their proximity to a location. Mailchimp doesn’t offer users this type of advanced capability.

Another much talked about feature with Klaviyo is it’s ‘data science’ tools. What are these tools and how can they help someone with their marketing?

There are many cool predictive analytics, like total amount of  future spending, number of upcoming purchases, probability of churn and much more. But where it gets super spooky is its ability to predict the timing of your customer’s next purchase – which means you can create a timely email that seems to your customer as though you were reading their mind.

How does Automation help you manage your marketing?

Automation and Email Marketing is a low cost strategy but with high returns. Basically, you can set and forget and reap the rewards. One of our clients is enjoying a 1:82 ROI on all the automation emails we’ve set up for them. This is why we love automation for our clients.

What about if you’re already using Mailchimp but would like to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Klaviyo.  Is it hard to migrate to the new platform?

I know making a switch from one platform to another can be daunting.  But it can be done without too much difficulty as long as you’re careful to ensure you move across your audience and existing automations.  You will also need to re-create any saved segmentations.  Do these things and you’ll be good to go. If you’re using our Klaviyo for Maropost Commerce Cloud (Neto) app, all your customer data will be synced.

How can you help me get up and running with Klaviyo quickly?

At Keetrax we’ve got several migration packages depending on which platform you are migrating from and what level of automation you’ve already got in place.  If you’re new to email marketing and email automation we can also tailor packages to suit your needs and goals.

Just reach out to us here and grab your free quote today!

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