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Last month in our monthly ‘Marketing To Do’s’ series we recommended that you audit the About Page of your ecommerce website. And we reminded you that the About Page is often one of the most visited on your website – which makes it important, especially for customers finding you for the first time. If you haven’t visited your About Page in a while, any time you’re reading this reminder is a good time to do so. You’ll find some tips to help you with this marketing to-do here.

Your Ecommerce Marketing focus for June: Google

This month is all about getting found where your customers are searching for you – Google.

Think of it this way. If you wanted to sell more hamburgers than McDonalds the one factor that would guarantee your success is putting your burgers in front of a hungry market. If you’re an ecommerce business wanting to sell more products than your competitor, you need a high ranking on Google.

If you haven’t worked on your Google Strategy in a while, now is a good month to do so – because that’s where your customers go when we want to find what we want.

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Are you Ready for End of Financial Year Sales?

Last month we encouraged you to start planning your End of Financial Year Sales for Australian based customers (EOFYS falls on 30th June in Australia). If you followed our advice you might already have your promotion up and running or ready to go. If you haven’t planned out your EOFYS marketing strategy as yet, there is still time to reach out to us for help with paid ads and social media content – but you will want to do it NOW!!

Now is also a very good time to think about how you’re going to nurture the new subscribers you get from your End of Financial year promotion or any other promotions you have planned for this month.

Think about how you can delight your new customers and get them excited about shopping with you again and again.

Your key ecommerce marketing promotion dates for June 2022

Inside our 2022 Marketing Calendar you’ll find a list of Key Marketing Dates for June.

Here are a few of our favourites:

June is Pride Month #pridemonth

  • 1 June – Global Day of Parents/International Children’s Day #globaldayofparents / #internationalchildrensday
  • 5 June – World Environment Day #worldenvironmentday / Arbor Day
  • 21 June – National Selfie Day
  • 24 June – Matariki Holiday
  • 25 June – Take your Dog to Work Day #takeyourdogtoworkday
June Marketing Promotion Dates

Download your 2022 Marketing Calendar so you can delight your customers with fresh ideas, every week during 2022!

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How to use awareness days in your marketing

When choosing an awareness day to build a marketing campaign around, it’s important to consider it in the context of what products you sell, or the values that you have as a brand. Your customer must be able to see the link you’re making between your product or brand and the day.

You should also consider your overall goal. For example, will you use the awareness day as part of a sale or special promotion, or to encourage conversations and drive engagement on social media?

An example is #takeyourdogtoworkday

Building a promotional campaign around this awareness day is a no brainer for any business selling dog food or accessories. You could offer a special discount or free shipping and link it to a fun social media campaign where customers can unlock their deal by tagging your business in a picture of their ‘dog at work’.

However a nutritionist who also talks about the importance of mental health could get creative and build a promotion or engagement campaign around this day by focusing on the mental health benefits of having a pet and taking your pet to work.

Collaborating with other businesses or charities to support a day that is meaningful to you and your business is another way to use awareness days as part of your marketing strategy.

The key message is to have fun with awareness days, but not to make the link between your business and the day so obscure that customers are scratching their heads when your promo arrives in their inbox or pops up in their social media feed.

Happy Marketing this June!

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