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Consider A Number of Specialists For A Website Design

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What Kind of Specialists You May Need For A Website Design


This is the third blog in the “How To Prepare To Hire A Web Designer Blog Series”

If you have just joined me, maybe you would like to read the first two blogs in this series before continuing!


When contemplating to revamp your old website or you are starting afresh you need  to consider the different parts to a website and who will manage these sectors, whether it’s yourself, your website designer / developer or you hire another expert.

Most website designers wear a lot of different hats, but you can not and should not expect them to be able to do everything for you. They may have particular skills or interests but you will generally find they are not experts at every sector!

Today, I am going to discuss what a business strategist, a project manager, a copywriter, a photographer, website designer and a developer all have to do with building a website and why you might want to consider getting them onboard your next project.

A Business Strategist

A business strategist or web consultant can review your company goals and current online status and concerns. From there they form an opinion and report back to you about how you should go forward from there. This report is to help guide your company to make the right decisions for the future of your company’s online presence.

What to expect in a consultant’s report

You can expect the report to contain an audit of your existing situation. Whether that’s reviewing your existing online presence or lack of it.  What one sale, click, sign up or contact form sent is worth to your company. The report should include a detail summary, and a full guide on what you can do to enhance online profitability in terms of adjusting your existing site and then advises how you can increase your social media interactions.

A marking strategy often includes a thorough study of your company’s competition. Not to copy their direction, but to understand what they are excelling at and what they are not. This gives your company a benchmark to aim to achieve and excel.

What is a business strategist background knowledge

They business strategist / web consultants have website design background, SEO and online marketing experience in order to help you with making the right decisions.

A Web consultants costs

They are usually hired for a short consultation period at the start of a project. This length of employment is depending entirely on your company’s size,  report depth, business requirements or uniqueness of the circumstances. Some consultants can be put on a retainer to work with the website designer, developer and even your employees to ensure the plan is implemented. Contact Keetrax for a full web consultancy plus a report.

Should You Hire A Consultant?

Your website designer might also be a consultant who can do the research and also design a website that brings you a return on your investment. But if not, then I would strongly recommend hiring one. Spending money on a website without forethought can be a costly experiment.

A business strategist isn’t just for a company with an existing website. You can hire a consultant to help you create a strategy for you that can be implemented on a new website.

Project Manager

A project manager for a website isn’t really necessary in most cases. However, if you undergoing a large website project with many different companies involved in the building of the site, or you are extremely busy with the running of your own company you may want to consider one. Another option is to let one of your existing employees take on this role. However, they have to have knowledge on the whole process, be able to make snap decisions for the good of the company not personally and of course be able to dedicate a lot of time for it. Sometimes it is better off, just hiring an external advisor who will have your company’s best interest at heart.

Web project managers have an ongoing task throughout the entire project. They start by discussing the job description with you and your company to establish a project scope and create a set of deliverables. Then they put the project out for tender or invite companies to quote for the job. This isnt just for finding your website designer and developer but also from copywriters to photographers.

Throughout the project, they will give you updates on how it is proceeding, confirm decisions and get you to sign off on invoices. They act as a mediator between all the different faculties of the website project therefore simplify your involvement on the project. and in the end they manage each part of the project until it is completed and launched.


Content creator, curator or copywriter

Copy (text on your website) is one of the most essential elements of a website. While photos entice the viewer, it comes do to copy to describe your services, products or thoughts in more detail. It is also the backbone to your website’s SEO, it’s what search engines read to get a better understanding of what your website is about.

There are four types of copywriters for websites, most know what editors and proofreaders are but there are also specialists in online article copywriting and SEO writers.

What Are Editors?

Editors are people who read through your copy and ensure you have the correct spelling and punctuation. They might go as far as indicating that a sentence needs reworking or point out something that is completely wrong or out of context.

What Do Proofreaders Do?

A proofreader will read through your copy, correct any grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes. They ensure your consistency is correct, the level of readability and occasionally rephrase poor sentence structure.

I think I Need Online Article Copywriting

If you need someone to create new blogs, write articles or create copy for feature pages, then you need an online article copywriter. They will research your subject and craft a perfect article to your specified length. When looking for a article copywriter, then consider their tone / language and their writing style. The content should be 100% original work and should show some depth of knowledge based on the subject.

What is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Writer?

A lot of online article writers will also mention they can tailor the piece for SEO. SEO copywriters will either look at your existing copy and make the needed adjustments to headings, subheadings and keyword density within the copy to ensure your keyword is in the right places without keyword stuffing. You can also ask them to write you an article from scratch with SEO in mind.

TIP: Review their existing work to ensure they are practicing good SEO copywriting techniques that are up to date.


Hiring A Photographer

Stunning photograph sells, whether you are trying to sell products online, or you’re a hairdresser, an architect or a travel agent – you all must have good photos! Think about it, if a photographer had a portfolio website to showcase their work, but it was full of depressing rainy day pictures that were out of focus and too small to see the actual subject – would you hire them? No.

The problem is, that everyone is able take a digital photograph these days. But it’s up to you, to make the choice if you can take decent pictures that can sell or if it is better to hire someone who has experience in taking pictures in your subject / field.

TIP: If you are a hotel owner, hire an architectural photographer. They will know how to showcase your rooms to get people to book a room!

Stock Photography is another option, but you do need to assign someone who will be selecting the photographs. You might have someone inhouse for this or your website designer may be able to help.

Website Designer

What A Web Designer Does

The term design normally describes the design process of front end (client side) of a website. However, a web designer’s job description can be fairly broad. Their skill set can include graphic design, interface design, working with code PHP, CSS and HTML, search engine optimisation and more. Some individuals just design websites and pass the concept onto a developer and others have a larger skill set and encompass the range of skills.

Website Developer

Hire A Web Developer

Developers are code monkeys. Using the right type of code they build what the designer concepts, as they tend not to be design oriented. You will find website designers and developers team up and work together on a range of projects from apps, business software to websites.

Web developers generally have a knowledge of different coding languages and will know which one is best for your project. They keep up to date with the latest coding best practices and will ensure your project works across browsers.

Consider A Number of Experts Conclusion.

Now you know the different types of specialists for building a website, and what  you can expect from each one. You can now be able to make an informed decision about which expert to bring on board. It is not necessary for you to hire a whole range of experts to build your next website. It just something for you to keep in mind, if you know you lack the time or the skill set to create what you need.

TIP: When hiring different experts, ensure you introduce them to each other as they may discuss amongst themselves a better strategy that could take your project to the next level.

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