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Unless you’ve been hiding under a Social Media rock for the last year, you’ve probably already worked out that Meta (Facebook and Instagram) are prioritising video content. We could blame Tik Tok for this (and some do) but the truth is, the audience gets what the audience wants and when it comes to social media content, the audience is eating up video.

Did you know that people tend to gaze five times longer at a video than at static posts on Facebook? Or that social media users are ten times more likely to interact with a video than a block of text?

It doesn’t matter whether the video is sharing information about a product or just for entertainment, the popularity of Facebook video ads is huge. However, the style of video advertisement you choose, along with the visual appearance of the ad, are crucial to their success.

In Boost Your Ecommerce Sales with Video Marketing we introduced you to video marketing on Facebook and Instagram as a way to help boost engagement with your audience. With this article we hope to  inspire you to try one (or more) of the following video advertising styles as a way to boost sales in your online business.

Video Demonstrations

There is no shortage of this style of video advertisement on Facebook. Open up your account and start scrolling and you’ll find them easily. And there is a good reason for this – they work, especially when they’re educational and entertaining.

You can be sure that this type of advertisement will work for your ecommerce business if you frequently receive questions about how to use your products. You may already be using video demonstrations in your ecommerce store to help you sell products.

This style of advertisement is also an ideal way to show customers the transformation that can be achieved by using your product, or what goes into creating your product, as is the case with our Lyka Pet Food example.

Lyka Pet Food uses fresh, wholefood ingredients designed to fill your pup’s gut with clean energy, to keep them bouncin’ around and jumping for joy! They proudly pick local, ethical and sustainable ingredients that are lightly cooked, packaged to your pup’s portions and delivered straight to your door. And although their pet food does look better than that mush that comes in cans at the supermarket, would you necessarily believe that there are all these fresh ingredients in it without seeing this video? Perhaps not, which is why we’ve picked this video as a winner when it comes to product demonstration.

Video Testimonials

According to BigCommerce, 84% of consumers are influenced by online reviews and 34% of consumers will spend more with a company that has good reviews. Which is why video testimonials are popping up all over Facebook. And where video has a big advantage here is the way it can be used to show, rather than tell, someone else’s experience of using the product.

In our Every Plate video example, Comedian, TV Host and Dad of three, Jimmy Rees is unboxing his Every Plate Subscription box. As we watch, Jimmy explains that having the ingredients for his family’s dinner delivered to his home makes his life EASY. He’s able to make dinners his family enjoys and save money on buying the ingredients at the supermarket.

In this advertisement Jimmy’s telling a familiar story – one many families can relate to. What parent doesn’t want to serve up budget friendly meals that are easy to prepare and that their family loves to eat?

When creating this type of advertisement for your own products, think about the questions and comments you receive from your existing customers. In this example it’s likely Every Plate has heard the following statements from their customers previously, which is why they feature in the advertisement:

  • Cheaper than the supermarket
  • Easy
  • Meals the whole family will enjoy

Are there words and phrases that you hear from customers regularly that can be weaved into a ‘sponsored’ testimonial style video advertisement like this one?

Emotional Response Advertising

This concise 15-seconds video promoting Cafe Appliance’s line of customisable kitchen appliances is an excellent example of Emotional Response Advertising.

The advertisement is visually appealing with a hard-hitting message that’s repeated twice: “It’s time appliances had a personality. Yours.” With no voiceover, someone could watch this video with the sound off and still be engaged.

When you know your audience well, you know what buttons to push to catch their attention, spark their imagination and influence their buying decisions. Using that information in a short and powerful way, like the creators of this video have, could be just the thing that stops someone in their scroll and prompts them to make a buying decision.

Build Real Results with Facebook Ads

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