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Shore up your marketing efforts now!

Great business owners know that solid marketing tactics are key to success. Even if you create the best gadget or app of the year, it’s likely not to gain any traction without some kind of marketing. And while marketing takes on many forms (snailmail, email, social media, word-of-mouth, door-to-door, articles, notes in a bottle), they all have one thing in common: action.

Because just like in chaos theory’s butterfly effect*, even a small action can cause large-scale change down the line. While doing nothing leads to few sales, doing something, even small marketing efforts, will pay dividends in the future. How much depends on you.

(Feeling impatient? Skip ahead to our key questions to ask yourself.)

Download our 2020/2021 marketing calendar right here!

Want to avoid the January doldrums, and make the most of the Christmas sale frenzy? The solution is simple:

Map it out. 

While chaos theory might lend itself towards unpredictability, market theory doesn’t have to. With a little planning, smart marketing offers measurable results. And creating a map of the upcoming market atmosphere is the place to start. This gives you the chance to visually see points throughout the year where you’re going to want to make plans — create action — to keep things ticking over, and holidays or events you may have overlooked in previous years.

So, we decided it was high time we released our very top secret, never-before-seen Keetrax marketing calendar, made for entrepreneurs and change-makers like you. Though usually reserved for our clients, we called all hands on deck and had our best crew create the most complete (and completely awesome) marketing calendar and hashtag holiday ideas of the year. It features every major holiday and notable marketing day, big and small, to help you map your way to smooth sailing and ecommerce growth throughout this year, and beyond.

Know what’s coming, and plan ahead. Here’s why:

After the big Christmas sale frenzy ends, most businesses feel the January doldrums. It’s too far from Valentine’s Day to whip out the roses, and you’re totally depleted of marketing ideas. Stock sits on the shelves collecting dust, while overhead stays the same. Morale is low, and there’s a sinking feeling going around after all the holiday hubbub. And if you’re truly unprepared, you’ll be scrambling, wondering what — or who — might have to go the way of the dodo.**

To get you through the lean times, get your entire marketing year mapped out with all your brilliant ideas, sales, email and social media campaigns, give-aways, newsletters, articles, and anything else you have stored below deck to keep brand awareness fresh and alive with your customers. Because a solid marketing plan engages customers all year long, not just during the big sales periods. 

Start strong every year. Grow your customer base and win raving fans to help your business survive the slower periods, but also to give you a huge edge against your competition during the big sales periods. Because who would you prefer to shop with: a company you’ve never heard of, or one you feel personally connected and happy with?

And it’s not just good business. Being prepared for the year is a great boost for you and your employees, too.

Need some help planning? We’ve got just the thing:

Download our 2020/2021 marketing calendar right here!

Ask yourself a few key questions:

  • What worked and didn’t work last year?
  • What are your most profitable days or weeks likely to be, and which weeks will you want to make an extra effort to keep customers engaged?
  • Which products might be the most popular this coming year, and do you have enough in stock?
  • Can you offer any new unique selling points or incentives this year?
  • Is your website streamlined for the Customer Journey?
  • Do you have your automated email marketing set up and ready to go?
  • During slower periods, are there other things you have been meaning to focus on, which you can schedule out? Organising, accounting, trainings, or networking events?

For great forecasting, your calendar should incorporate it all, from awareness days, public and regional holidays, to #hashtagholidays and back-to-school weeks. Everything you need, at a glance. And don’t forget that if your market is international, you’ll need to consider other holidays or cultural celebrations, too.

Get started with our brilliant calendar for New Zealand and Australia here, for free. Then, start building structure and organisation around each week or month of the year. If you’re selling  Brainstorm campaign options, and write out your plan.

Pro tips:

  • Emails should be low on the spammy index, and high on the funny, beautiful, or inspiring.
  • Start early. Make your yearly marketing plan now, and know what’s coming.
  • Avoid messy last-minute campaigns.
  • Always send messages with a clear call to action.
  • Use abandoned cart features to help lead potential customers back to your site.
  • Offer incentives, like birthday discounts.
  • Check out our free Ultimate Guide to Using Email to Win Raving Fans and Repeat Customers.
  • If you haven’t already, hit the big purple button below and download our free 2020 Marketing Calendar.
Get your 2020 marketing calendar right here!

This year, avoid the horse latitudes***!

With a great marketing calendar and a solid plan based on marketing techniques proven to work, you’re sure to hit the trade winds and sail straight through 2020!****

More burning marketing questions?
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and don't forget your free 2020/2021 marketing calendar!

*Merriam-Webster’s got our back on this one: “a property of chaotic systems (such as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system.” Be your business’s system of change… But with less chaos and more predictability. 

**The Dodo: A large bird that lived in Mauritius, long extinct due to poor planning on the part of a bunch of hungry sailors in the 1600s. Had they planned ahead, maybe we’d still have dodo birds flapping their flightless dance today.

***Horse latitudes: Sailors used to get stuck in what is referred to as the horse latitudes, regions to the north and south of the equator and the doldrums. These areas were notorious for their lack of wind, and ships could bob around like a cork for weeks on end. In a fight for survival, crews were forced to throw horses (cargo destined for far off lands) overboard to conserve their most precious resource, fresh water.

And you know those hefty revenue drops between the big sales periods of the year? They’re the doldrums, and you’re the horse. But don’t despair! You’ve already downloaded your map out of the doldrums, right?

****With Australia’s Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race coming up at the end of the year, we couldn’t resist one last nautical reference. And on that note, if you sell anything to do with the outdoors, seafaring, or pirating, mark your marketing calendars!

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