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Announcing WP Tiles 1.0

By May 15, 2014April 12th, 2019No Comments
WP Tiles 1.0

It’s been a long time in the making, but WP Tiles 1.0 is (almost) here. The beta is available now!

Download the beta

WP Tiles 1.0 is a complete overhaul of the WP Tiles plugin. All known bugs have been fixed and all admin interfaces have been completely redone. The shortcode now uses a new syntax and most outstanding feature requests (and personal wish list features) have been added.

I have pre-released WP Tiles 1.0 as a beta for testing purposes. Keep in mind this is a beta release. This means that the plugin is probably safe for use on live websites, but that the definitive version may require reconfiguring and that bugs will occur. Get the development version here.

Backward compatibility

Important: This is a major version update. If you are using any pre-1.0 version of WP Tiles, you need to be extremely cautious installing the update. We have tried to make old options and shortcode attributes compatible with the new WP Tiles as much as possible, but many options have changed so much that automatically keeping them backward compatible would be as good as impossible. Please read the migration guide before updating the plugin.

New features

Pagination using the shortcode – The shortcode can now be automatically paginated. The plugin includes AJAX pagination (without page reload), previous/next page navigation and page number navigation.

Tiled Galleries – WP Tiles can now be used with the WordPress [sc]gallery[/sc] shortcode. Simply create a gallery and select the grid you want to use, and you are good to go. Includes support for JetPack Carousel (and Gallery Carousel without Jetpack).

New shortcode syntax and button in editor – The shortcode now borrows its post query syntax from Display Posts Shortcode by Bill Erickson. The shortcode can also be completely generated by the new shortcode button in the editor.

SEO Friendly – Though the Tiles still require JavaScript, they are now rendered before the JavaScript kicks in so search engine can read them, and even include basic microtags and are generated using clean HTML5. This means that you can now safely use WP Tiles as a primary element on your page without worrying about SEO.

Grid Builder and Tile Designer – The admin interface now comes with a live editor for grid templates, so you can immediately see what grid templates look like. Tiles and bylines also come with a collection of hover effects and a list of adjustable properties that you can edit and preview immediately in the Tile Designer.

Completely custom bylines – The bylines are now generated using a custom template, the mark up and content of which you can control entirely. You could even start showing complete posts on tiles if you want to!

Modern Styles – WP Tiles 1.0 gets rid of all those pesky shadows and rounded corners. Legacy styles are still included for those that really want them, but default styles are now flat and elegant.

Other changes

  • Grids repeat infinitely (no fallback to 1×1 template)
  • Tile animation (on load, window resize or template selection) is now optional
  • Automatic elipsis for multi-line content
  • Minified scripts – WP Tiles now only loads a single script if SCRIPT_DEBUG is not enabled
  • Hides current post when used inside the loop (can be disabled)